Specializing in Medicare Solutions

The Novello Agency is an independent brokerage agency specializing in solutions for Medicare eligible individuals. For over 30 years, we have helped our clients understand their health insurance choices and make the best decisions for their unique situations. We will do the same for you.


Guiding You Through Medicare

Are you approaching 65 or already on Medicare and wondering if you’ve made the best choices? There’s a lot to know. Getting the information and understanding it isn’t easy.

  • You can struggle through government websites or read all the sales brochures flooding your mailbox.
  • You can try to follow the TV hucksters telling you to be sure to get “all your entitlements.”
  • Or, you can always talk to your brother-in-law, the one who knows everything about everything.

Give yourself a break. Call Roy and get answers now. Save time, less stress and always no cost or obligation!